Tuesday, December 22, 2015

celebrating Christmas at my parent's

For many years we have all gathered at my parent's house on Christmas day for our holiday get-together.
This year we changed things up a bit and celebrated this past weekend.

Here are my parents. They worked hard cooking and decorating to make the day special.

Once again, I neglected to take photos of all the good food they had ready for us. My dad made a batch of gumbo, and there was homemade potato salad, ham sandwiches, chips, homemade carrot cake and bourbon balls.
Not to mention, my favorite...a punch bowl of eggnog with scoops of vanilla ice cream floating in it!
Who could remember to take photos with all those goodies tempting you?

I did get photos of my family though.
Here is my sister and her husband. She is a lot younger than me but I always like to tease her by telling people that she's the oldest! No one ever believes it of course!

There is my Dad with my older son, who was telling funny stories about a recent airline travel experience. My younger son was there too, but you have probably heard how difficult it is to get a photo of a Sasquatch.

Here is my uncle George, my Dad's brother...

There is my younger brother. He is the active and energetic one of us all!  
 Ladies! He is a bachelor! 


Here is my older brother with his fiancee, and her granddaughter, who is spending her school break with them...helping her grandma do some cookie baking!
They have also just added a new puppy to their household too, so you know there will not be a dull moment for them this Christmas.

It was a nice family gathering. Glad everyone could be there.

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