Tuesday, December 8, 2015

mystery cats

Three different cats have been coming into our yard. I don't think they are strays because they look healthy and strong.
They probably live near by and just checking to see if there are any leftover scraps that I've thrown out for the crows.

There are these two and another lighter yellow one. They are all sort of scared of us.

These two are in love. It's funny to watch them walking around together side by side...like they are joined at the hip.

If I'm wrong and they don't have a home, and they start looking scrawny and pitiful...I would probably buy them some cat food.

But hey you all - that doesn't mean you should drop off your unwanted cats here!

We haven't had any pets for several years. We get enjoyment from seeing so much wildlife on our property...and we don't have to clean up after them and take them to the vet!

Another lovely evening with the sun shining low and lighting up the trees at the far end of the field.

It's only a couple of weeks until the shortest day of the year.  Then the daylight starts lasting longer each day. That's a happy thought!

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