Friday, December 4, 2015

trouble in darlaville

  doo de dooo ...just going down to start some laundry.    Uh oh!  What's this? A flood!

Oh dear, the sump pump has failed and the basement floor is covered with water.  There are a few high spots that are dry, but at least a half an inch in places. What a mess.
I can't really show you the rest of the basement -- you would be struck blind with horror at the mess that's down there...think "hoarders" - the TV show.

I waded over to the sump pump well and banged on the float with a stick. It started up and began pumping the water out...but I don't see how I can ever trust it again.

Before we moved here I had never lived at a house with a sump hole and pump. I thought it was the creepiest thing I'd ever seen...a dark slimy place with an electric pump under water.  It sounds like instant electrocution!

Back then the basement flooded several times because of a contrary sump pump. And one time a broken pipe in the basement managed to let water from the pool flow backward and in to the basement. We couldn't figure out why the level of the swimming pool water was dropping so quickly until we saw what had happened..

Because of all that, a lot of the stuff in the basement is up on wooden pallets or in plastic bins. So it's not as bad as it might have been.

A good time to get rid of some stuff from down there, anyway.

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  1. We just had a similar incident in the kitchen. Dish washer overflowed. Found giant "lint ball" in the vacuum breaker preventing it from draining properly. Apparently dishwashers add water by timer and don't actually monitor water level... Something has been going on, water slopping out, for some time, floor buckled & rotted under there... Chevk & clean your vacuum gap thingie...