Friday, December 11, 2015

Sunday school Christmas party

Lonnie's Sunday school class always has their Christmas party at a country club. I believe one couple in his class are members there,  so they are able to reserve a private room for the group.

His classmates are all very nice and welcome me to join them for the party even though I am not in their class.

Outside the country club, very pretty...

Inside, a cozy room....and everyone wearing Christmas colors.

They had a buffet dinner.  Fried chicken.  Try eating that with a knife and a fork!

That's impossible. Nearly everyone just picked it up to eat, even though it was a country club.

Lonnie likes legs and wings...

Most years they have a "white elephant" gift swap but this time they didn't. 
Instead they had a little contest. 
Everyone got a sheet of green construction paper. You had to tear it into the shape of a Christmas tree...while holding it above your head and not looking at it!

I completely forgot about taking pictures - I was intent on trying to win the prize.  But, my tree came out ugly and flat on top.  A few were so good, it's like they had been practicing!

We aren't often out in the evenings so the drive home was nice...seeing people's outdoor Christmas lights and decorations.  We appreciate others doing all the work of decorating and we get to enjoy it!

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