Friday, January 9, 2015

antique mask..or what?

My grandfather on my dad's side loved to go to auctions and he must have enjoyed picking up things there that were out of the this....

It is a full head covering sort of a mask.  It is at least 70 years dad remembers walking around with it on his head when he was a child.  It's a little scary looking!

It's made of a paper mache like material.   I tried to see if I could find pictures of something similar online but had no luck.

I was going to put it on my head and take a selfie but the opening is too small for an adult head (or maybe I just have a big head?)
So, do you suppose this was something made for kids to play with?  That doesn't seem right either because the eyes and mouth opening would be too far apart.

Maybe it was supposed to be for an adult but someone goofed up on the size of the opening? 
It's a puzzle.  Any guesses?

Okay...later older brother, Dennis, thinks it could be "Old Mr Boston".  I looked it up and found this picture...

It's very close!  And the time period is right...He was first featured on the cover of a bartender guide in 1935.

Different in that the mask has longer facial hair and is showing teeth...but could be designed that way for breathing and speaking through.


  1. Obviously paper mache but we don't know diddly about the use. Masks are big at mardi gras. Maybe theatre... Maybe part of a party costume... Maybe just an art project... It would be good to know if it resembles any "public" person of the time, politician, etc...

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  3. I'm going to say the mascot for Mr. Boston liquors.

    1. You may have something there! I updated the post with an added picture of Old Mr Boston.
      Do you think it is a homemade likeness or could it have been a promotional item from the company?