Friday, January 2, 2015

curious turkeys

There was a cat prowling around the yard one afternoon. I stood at the window watching him as he climbed up on a wait and watch for mice or birds, I suppose.
He is there on the can mostly see his tail.

Next, some wild turkeys (on the right) came out of the woods and were passing through the yard. When they saw the cat, they stopped in their tracks.
Then they started inching closer...craning their necks and turning their heads to look at the cat with one eye and then the other. So funny  to watch them!

They were curious but after they got that close they decided to go back the other way. I wasn't sure what would happen, but the cat acted as if the turkeys didn't even exist. He wasn't curious about them at all.

A different day...turkeys coming across the's hard to count them. Maybe 23..24?

And in the front yard...This tom started spreading his feathers, but never did put them completely up.

A couple of times in the past,I have seen a male turkey displaying his plumage. It is a sight!
They spread those tail feathers and puff up all over. They pull their head back and stand there seeming so pleased with themselves. I guess the lady turkeys like it!

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