Saturday, January 17, 2015

what I've been reading

I have been reading an interesting true travel adventure...

"From Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego - Across the Americas in Two Years"  by Michael Boyny

A youngish German couple , the Boynys, spent two years on the road driving first across Canada, then up into Alaska, south along the west coast of the US, then on to Mexico, and continuing through a total of fifteen countries to the very tip of South America.

They had been planning and preparing for their journey for a couple of years before it even began (in 2005). they researched all the areas they would be traveling through and also most importantly..the vehicle they would use for their travels.

The couple ended up with a 20 year old 4WD diesel Ford F250 pick up truck with a new camper top attached. They chose this vehicle because it was a common make and would be easier to get parts along the route if necessary.

a photo from the book

The Boynys loaded their truck with supplies in Germany and had it shipped across the Atlantic to Halifax Canada, where they picked it up after flying to  New York and spending a couple of weeks visiting the New England states.

Then they began their 33,660 mile drive!

The author is a professional photographer as well as a great story teller. The book is full of photos of breathtaking natural scenery and wildlife, and also cities, small towns and people they met along the way.

They took time to stop and hike,swim,kayak, canoe, shop at local markets, see points of interest and watch cultural events. They were robbed, had vehicle breakdowns, got sick, got lost. They met other travelers on the same type of road trip.

They drove through all types of terrain, from rain forests to deserts...mountains to below sea level...through all types of climates.

In other words - the trip of a lifetime!

I really enjoyed this book. I can't help thinking that I would have loved a trip like this...but truthfully,even if  I'd had the opportunity I would probably have been scared, and too much of a "softie" to rough it for so long.

  But it sure is fun to think about it...and to read the experiences of those who have done it.

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