Saturday, January 10, 2015

quilting that charity quilt

I finished up enough 16 Patch blocks to make a quilt top...and sewed them together.  I used up the rest of my leftover batting trimmings and pieced together a batting big enough for this small quilt (about 40" x 56").

I've layered and pin basted it and now I am doing the quilting!

Other ladies in my quilt group are also making quilts or blocks for our charitable giving this year.  Some are making these 16 Patch blocks and some are working with a different pattern. We will have a nice variety to donate to Hospice and Project Linus.

One member of our group, Jennifer, who also owns Busy Lady Quilt Shop , brought in some fabric scraps that we could use for making donation quilts and she also brought in enough of these finished "string blocks" to make about 3 small quilts.
Aren't they pretty!

Jennifer got one top assembled from them that same day, then another quilter took some home to sew together and I brought the third set home to work on.

These string blocks are made differently that other quilt blocks. The fabric strips are sewn to a paper foundation...something thin like phone book pages.  See how they look on the back?

The paper keeps the strips from stretching out of shape and also lets you see about how long to cut your next strip to add.
The paper is carefully torn away after the block is trimmed to size and before the blocks are sewn to others.

So, that's next on my list..sewing these blocks into a quilt.

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