Saturday, January 3, 2015

barbrcue rub

Barbecue...just say the word and you will have the attention of nearly all the members of my husbands's family.  To them, pork is the only TRUE barbecue. Other meats aren't even in the running.

They are always looking for the best barbecue restaurants... as my husband says " when I see a barbecue joint, I nearly skid sideways in the road!"

Time is devoted to trying to develop the very best method for cooking ribs or pork butts on the grill and smoker and discussing formulas and ingredients for the best sauce...preferably one that's hot enough to make your face red and sweaty when you eat it!

So, there was much discussion and excitement when my husband's son, Chris, brought us a jar of  "dry rub" at Christmas time. It's a blend he created and mixed. ( If you aren't that in to barbecue, a dry rub is like a dry blend of spices and other ingredients, that you coat meat with before you cook it.)

Chris was very closed mouthed about his recipe. Every time we asked, he would start listing the ingredients...brown sugar...paprika....then he would suddenly switch to another subject.

A few days later my husband was itching to try out the rub...just try it out on something, so I convinced him that we could try it on some chicken breasts that I had on hand (even though it wouldn't be TRUE barbecue).

Here is what the plate looked like when he brought it in from the grill.
Look at that piece of chicken on the upper left!  He was cutting off chunks and eating it as it was cooking!

It looks like he likes it !

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