Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stone Soup

Are you familiar with the old story of Stone Soup?  (You can read one version of it by clicking here)

My quilt group, The Mt Washington Quilting Bees, has Stone Soup day every year in January.

Members each bring an ingredient for making soup...what ever they want. It could be a vegetable, meat, pasta,'s different every time.  They used to add a stone to the pot, and who ever got the stone in their bowl of soup would win a prize...but then they decided maybe that wasn't such a good now it isn't technically stone soup. It tastes as good or better, though.

We get a couple of our best cooks to oversee the cooking.

Here we are, looking over Carol's shoulder.  She made broth this year (at home) by simmering beef bones for 16 hours. She also brought along that little basket full of seasonings and spices. There to the left are a some of the cans of veggies that others have brought in.

While the soup was simmering, some of the ladies were working on blocks for our charity quilts.

Also, games were played in which the winnings were fabric strips anted up by the players! 

 Soon it was soup time!  Two big cauldrons full!

And there were a few extras,,,crackers, cornbread, desserts.  

Say goodbye to any diet related New Years resolutions!  
It was the perfect day for hot soup, though...freezing temperatures outside. 

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