Thursday, January 15, 2015

finished 16 Patch quilt

The quilting is finished on the 16 Patch donation quilt ...and I've got the binding on.

We quilters have a tendency to make feminine looking quilts...mostly because there are lots of florals and other girly looking prints at the fabric stores, but this one would be suitable for a man or woman. It will be one that will go to Hospice.

Since it was a lovely sunny day, I just brought out all the donation quilts our group members have finished so get a photo.

The one on the left isn't quilted yet. Those are blocks made by others...I just joined them together and I'll layer and quilt.

The second from left and the striped one on the right were sewn by my friend, Shirley...and also the pink and white one. Those are all nice and bright and will be good Project Linus quilts- which go to children.

Third from left is mine, and beside it, is a quilt made by my friend, Isolde. She had this one already finished and wanted to donate it.  I really like her design! I want to make a quilt like this to keep!

Here is a close up of her quilt. I like the way she used even more triangles as a border and how the binding is also scrappy.

For now, I am going to have to put away my projects and tidy up the sewing room. The guest bed is in there and we will be having a relative staying the night before an early flight.

Clean up includes crawling around on the carpet patting it down for straight pins that I may have dropped !
I sometimes consider putting the guest bed in another room, but it is so handy to have it where I'm sewing, to arrange my blocks on it when putting together a quilt.

Well, I'd better get busy!

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