Friday, January 23, 2015

skillet shopping

Do you call it a skillet or a frying pan?  Or maybe just a pan?

I was shopping for one online and I wasn't sure what word to put in the "search box" to get the best results.
I eventually tried them all, and I looked at dozens and dozens of pans.

I needed to replace this enormously disappointing piece of cookware junk.

I bought it about 2 years ago...thinking I was getting a better quality item than the lightweight teflon coated pans I had gone through over the years.   
This one has a ceramic coating...supposedly a better non stick surface. And, it was at first.

Gradually the pan humped up in the middle, dry docking and burning any food in that area.  Those black stains will not come off with a scrubby pad or a baking soda paste - and anything harsher would probably damage the surface even further.  
Just so you know - I do not recommend Zwilling pans or any ceramic coated cookware.

I didn't buy online. Instead I decided to see what I could find locally and...what luck!...there at Big Lots, I found this teflon pan made in the USA! (it is stamped on the back).

I tried it out and it seems fine.  It's so rare to find an American made product, I'm thinking about going back and buying another for when this one wears out.

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