Thursday, January 29, 2015

ready to paint

This room has been needing a new paint job for quite awhile. I've been putting it off because my computer stuff is in here and I didn't  want to disconnect everything to move it...worried that I will forget what plugs into where.
My husband used to have a computer in here too, but now he just uses an iPad, so at least I don't have to worry about moving his system around too.

I believe if I am careful I can shift things around just enough to squeeze in behind them to paint without unplugging very much.

This used to be my younger son's room. He had teal colored carpet and he wanted the walls painted teal too. We tried it and It looked pretty good.

After he moved out, I wanted to lighten things up in there so I painted it this light gray. That might have been about 14 years ago!.   I told you I've been putting it off!

See the paint color card I am holding on the left. The darker yellow is what I will be using.
It's called "Honey Butter'.  Who could resist that?

That green splotch on the wall next to the bookcase is another color I was looking at- too dark!

Here is the new color ready to go on!  The photo color is a little off (caused by the overhead lighting) It was later in the day when I got all the junk cleared out of the room and spackled a few nail holes and could start painting.

I got one coat on, but it will need another. I will show how it looks when it's all finished.

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