Tuesday, January 20, 2015

creepy and repulsive photo from 2009

I was looking through some older photos on my computer and I came across these from 2009.

It is one of the weirdest and grossest things I have ever seen.

It was summer and I was organizing stuff that had been piling up in our shed. Underneath some tarps piled in one corner was a small "live trap" that my sons had built with their dad years ago.
 The trap had a door that opened inward only..so once an animal went in, they could not push the door open and get out.

This trap had been sitting there for ages...not set to catch anything...not baited, just being stored.

When I lifted the tarps I noticed a bad smell. It isn't real bright in the shed so I leaned in for a closer look.

Eeeek !  Snakes in the trap!

After I stopped shaking I grabbed a rake and drug the trap closer to the door, where I could see that the snakes looked dead and even if they were alive - they wouldn't be able to get me.

I put the trap on a wagon and brought it up to the driveway.  Ugh...take a look...

At least two snakes - dead, some cast off skin, and eggs...and poop.

The first snake must have squeezed in and been trapped. But why did the second one go in? To mate?
And then there is the shed skin. Does that mean they were in there awhile before they died?

I felt sorry for them getting trapped unintentionally and I probably would have freed them if they had been alive.   But that sure was a nasty, smelly, hideous thing to find.
Then what was I supposed to do with it? 
I just put the whole thing in our garbage can for pick up.

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