Friday, January 16, 2015

won ton soup

Back around Christmas time, I had bought a package of won ton wrappers. Sometimes, I use them to make appetizers or little snacks when we are having people over.
You can use nearly anything for a filling...meat, cheeses and so forth...fold the wrappers over, brush with oil and bake until crispy.

But, here it is the middle of January and my won ton wrappers were still in the fridge, threatening to go past their expiration date!  I decided to actually try making won ton soup with them. It came out pretty good!

I looked over some recipes and sort of used what was on hand that might work.  For the filling I mixed ground turkey with onions, garlic, dried ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil.

It took forever to fold the won tons and seal them  up. After making 36 of them, I cut the rest of the wrappers into strips and fried them for a crunchy noodle topping.

I took the last of the broth from our Thanksgiving turkey from the freezer and added onions and garlic to that and simmered.
I didn't have any green onions for color...but some sliced romaine lettuce was a good substitute.

I probably wouldn't make this again. Putting together the won tons just takes too long.
We did like the flavor though, so I would use these ingredients to make a soup, maybe leaving out the won ton wraps and adding  a combination of rice and wild rice instead.


  1. We use 'em for crab rangoon. Ewual parts cream cheese and fake crab, one or teo green onions in tiny bits, deposit a spoon full in a wraper, bring the four points together, deep fry three or so minutes... Easy...

  2. Your soup does look tasty. Maybe I'll try it. We have taken a shine to matzo ball soup here. You have to roast a chicken first to get the fat and the flavor, then boil the carcass, lots of work... Count on "loosing" a batch or two because the balls fall apart or come out rubbery... We have a twelve foot gargage processing system... They love flops...