Wednesday, February 25, 2015

back to sewing

I have hardly sewn at all in February. I'm glad to have a chance to sit down at my machine again!

My friend, Joan, who is the president of my quilt group that meets at the extension office, is leading us in a "block of the month" project.

If you aren't a quilter here's how that works. The leader of the "block of the month" shows us what the finished quilt will look like and tells how much fabric we will need for it.  Then, each month, she hands out instructions for one of the blocks, and the participants sew that block before the next month's meeting, using their own colors and fabrics to make their own quilt.
At the end of a year, we will have each made the same quilt but they will look very different because of the fabric choices.

Here is Joan's quilt. She made hers ahead so we could see what it would look like. Very striking in red, black and white!
Joan's quilt
I wanted to use fabric I have on hand here...and also have more of a mix of colors.  I gathered these fabrics together but I might not use them all, I was just picking things to go with that black floral fabric in the middle.
That black floral is something I bought years ago to make curtains for the bathroom. I had a bright pink shower curtain at the time.  That was when I was still working and I never got around to making the curtains. The pink shower curtain is long gone. Time to use that fabric!

Actually, we are making two blocks each month. they are like a positive/negative to each other.

The black will surround them. I'm not sure if we are supposed to do that step yet or not.

Probably so, and it will be less to do at the end. Back to the sewing machine!

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