Thursday, February 19, 2015

cruisin' - part one

We got back from our Caribbean cruise just in time for seven inches of snow and then sub zero temperatures.  That's just the kind of weather we were hoping to miss out on when we scheduled our trip.

We sailed on the Carnival Liberty.
 For once, I remembered to take a photo of our cabin before we spread our belongings out everywhere.

Looking in from the door...

And now looking back toward the door...

Just right for the two of us. The bathroom is in the area near the door but it is such small tight quarters that you cant really get a photo of the whole space. 

The public spaces were all beautifully decorated. This is looking down in to the central main atrium area.

This is one of the dining rooms...

The day after we sailed was a "day at sea" port stops that day.

We started out with breakfast on the Lido deck.  This is a burger grilling area later in the day...that's the reason for the little picnic tables.

We spent the day looking around the ship, people watching by the pool, reading and soaking up some sun on our balcony...and enjoying a "mango swirl".

Later, at dinner, we ordered two lobster tails each!

It was a perfect start of a relaxing vacation.  But, unfortunately, it turned out to be "the calm before the storm"!

I will tell you all about that tomorrow in part two.

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