Friday, February 20, 2015

crusin' part two

The good, the bad, and the ugly....that's how it went, beginning the third day out on our cruise.

First, the good.
We sailed into port at Grand Turk Island. It's a small island with a lovely beach that we could see as we approached.

The pier was actually right there so it was a short walk to the beach area. We were swimming practically right beside the ship!  
 I had brought my snorkel along. The water was pretty clear and I spotted a couple of flounder, a big parrot fish, lots of saucer sized silvery transparent fish and assorted other small fishes. Not a lot but it's fun to look for them.

We spent nearly the whole day there, slathered with plenty of sunscreen to protect our winter white skin!

Just as we were walking back to the ship it clouded up and started raining. A short while later it was so stormy, that the captain decided not to leave port as scheduled.

We didn't mind. After a burger and a warm shower we settled down for a nap in our room.

When we woke up, the bad part of the cruise started.  My husband came down with a severe case of stomach flu.  He was in the bathroom nearly all night with vomiting and diarrhea. Even if he took just a small sip of water...back out it came.

We went to the medical office as soon as it opened the next day. Lonnie was so dehydrated the doctor wanted to give him a liter of fluid intravenously. They added something to stop the vomiting as well.

The fluids made him feel much better, but he was still in a weakened condition.

They told him, because of possibly being contagious, he would be confined to his stateroom for 24 hours...and to come back the next morning.

So, that's where we spent that day.  Sleeping and reading and occasionally sitting out on the balcony. We could have ordered from room service but  I wanted to stretch my legs a little so I went out and brought food and drinks back to the room for us.

And now, here is the ugly part.

Bites! These started appearing that same morning, itching a little. For the next couple of days more and more appeared all over my arms and chest and a few on my back.  Could it be from fleas or mites lurking in those beach chairs?  Or could it be bed bugs? We stopped at a hotel overnight on our way to Florida.

This is the inside of my arm. It looks extra weird because I was trying to tuck in and hide the fat, flappy part - but it only made it look freakish.

I had to wear elbow length or long sleeves for the rest of the cruise..I wouldn't have put my swimsuit on again looking like this.

And one more thing, the day we were at the beach, I kicked my little toe real hard on a beach chair.  Owie!  It really hurt! And it was bruised and swollen. I don't want to show the picture I took of my foot or no one would ever read my blog again...but I am pretty sure that toe was broken.

That's all the worst stuff, but I have a few more pictures for tomorrow.

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