Tuesday, February 3, 2015

crochet project

Back when my sister got married, I decided to crochet an afghan as a gift for her and her new husband.

This was in 1991 ( I think), way before I started sewing quilts. But even then I liked quilts and I suppose that's why I picked up this crochet pattern booklet..."Quilt Afghans".

I began working on the one pictured on the right side in the middle..."Pinwheels and Stars".

these are all crochet

Looking back, I believe I chose the most hideous yarn color combination imaginable...bright peach and seafoam green!  At the time I thought it was really pretty.

Fortunately for my sister - I never even finished it.

The squares that I finished have been hanging around for all those years. Sometimes I would come across them while organizing, but put them out of sight-out of mind....until recently, when my quilt group started making quilts for Project Linus.

I read that the organization can use any kind of blankets.  I pulled out those finished crochet squares and had enough to put together a little green and white afghan.(not using the original layout). I haven't crocheted in quite awhile so it was slow going at first.

Next, I will lay out those peach squares you see piled up on the side and see what kind of arrangement I can make with them. I have plenty of yarn left so I can add some borders to it too.

I am so glad to find a use for these, and the world will be a better place without that peach yarn and green yarn together in the same afghan!

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