Friday, February 27, 2015

no water -no coffee

Earlier this week we woke up to find our water wasn't working,

After making sure our basement wasn't full of all the water that wasn't coming out of the faucet, I tried to call the water company.

They don't open until 8:00 a.m., so I started dialing right at that time.  Busy, busy ,busy.  After about a half hour of getting a busy signal I figured the problem was being reported, so I went on about my business.

The first order of business in my morning is making coffee...but there was no water.

Since I had an errand to run...a return item to Kohls...I decided to just get ready and go, and make a run through the White Castle drive through for coffee.

I bought my coffee...then about a mile and a half down the road I took a small sip. It was dead cold.

caution contents hot....hmmm, I don't think so

So I turned around and drove back to White Castle.  They were very sorry and said the coffee had been "out front" all morning and must have cooled off.  They offered me a free breakfast sandwich while I waited for them to make another pot of coffee.

No thanks, just the coffee please.

Then, they must have poured my cup before the brew cycle was complete. It was very strong and bitter but by this time I just wanted it all to be over.  Sheesh!

The day did get better after that. By the time I got home our water was working again.  My husband took me out for a hamburger anyway (not White Castle!).

The turkeys came up in the yard for the first time since it snowed.  They make a better photo with a snow background.

I wonder how they find enough to eat when the ground is covered.  I scattered some cracked corn after they left, in case they come back.

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