Saturday, February 7, 2015

what's blooming in February?

Our Witch Hazel tree blooms in late winter.

We chose this tree to plant in memory of my husband's oldest son...because it blooms at the time of year that he passed away.   He was such a character! So we have to smile when we look at this tree and remember some of his antics and pranks!

The blooms are fairly small...just a fringe really. But they make up for it with their vivid color!
Wouldn't it be a pretty sight to see these blooms against a snowy background? 

Don't get me wrong - I am not asking for snow!

I have another small tree that is at is best in the winter months...a Contorted Filbert.

 It's covered with clusters of catkins and you can see it's twisty branches that are hidden by leaves in the summer.

What will be blooming next? Forsythia? Daffodils?
I am looking forward to spring!

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