Saturday, February 28, 2015

abandoned camp houses

Not too far from where we live there is an area along the river where a little community of camp houses were built many years ago. Simple little structures that looked like weekend get-away places or vacation houses.

Over the years, their owners have abandoned them and they are slowly and surely falling apart.

My younger son recently took a walk back there and took these photos

This was weird...mushrooms growing in the carpet of this house.

Camp Limberlost. The sign is out lasting the cabin!

This one has additions built on the additions.

When you walk among these ruins you get sort of a creepy feeling. Like you are being watched or like there could be something really scary inside.

This one is built right up next to a rocky cliff face. It couldn't have been easy getting all the building materials down there.   See the river back there?

It seems well someone could have lived there full time.

Oh dear!

Glad no one was sitting in this chair...

A lot of junk is piled up back there too.

It sure looks like they intended to come back again.

There is still a lot of stuff inside most of them. But they have been ransacked and stripped of wiring.

Who needs a fancy commode?

Another one that was kept up until more recently.

They left a lot of stuff.

Imagine how pleased someone must have been when this room was freshly painted and wallpapered.

And she liked to sew!

It's all so strange and a bit spooky. A little sad, too, when you think of the fun and relaxation the cabin owners must have had they worked to make their places homey and comfortable. Then something changed and they didn't come back.
Or maybe they just didn't really want the belongings they left behind.

The area has a lot of interesting rock formations that the Sasquatch took pictures of also.But I had so many photos here already... I'll show some of those pictures next week.

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