Saturday, February 21, 2015

part three about our cruise

Since our ship had to stay in port during a storm at our first stop, it put the voyage behind schedule and we were unable to stop at San Juan, PR, as planned.
The final port stop was at St. Maarten.  As we were approaching, the harbor pilot boat came up along side of our ship.

The harbor pilot boards the ship and guides it until the berthing is completed.

They actually turned the ship around and backed in next to that closest ship on the right. It is so amazing and interesting to watch this whole process.

Lonnie went back to the medical office, for his follow up.  He was still having symptoms so they told him another 24 hours confined to the room. No getting off the ship for him, and he wouldn't have wanted to be far from a bathroom anyway.  
I went out for a little while, just to a shopping area at the end of the pier. Bought a tote bag that says "St Maarten". 

That night, I came down with the same thing Lonnie had...but not so severe. The next day we just took it easy.

By the last day we were both feeling pretty good again and wishing the cruise was a couple of days longer. We played some games going on in the lobby, ate dinner and watched a couple of comedy acts.

Then we packed and went to bed early.

That's how our cruise went!

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