Monday, March 23, 2015

didn't even know I needed one

Last month when we came back from our trip, I discovered a surprise in the basement when I took the laundry down.

A wooden stand to elevate my jug of laundry detergent so the measuring cup will fit underneath!

My younger son made it.  He had stayed here to house-sit for us and he must have been grossed out by the fuzz encrusted, dried puddle of Tide that had accumulated on the washing machine, underneath the spout of the jug.

He cobbled this stand together from wood scraps in my basement and  some leftover paint that was down there too. He even cleaned up the soapy mess!

How cute! 
Now I can leave the measuring cup under the spout to catch the drips. No waste - no mess.
Nice surprise...very thoughtful too!

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