Saturday, March 7, 2015

son's hammock tarp

The Sasquatch had on his Christmas wish list, a tarp to string up over his camping hammock. He had told me where I could get a pattern and the materials to make one and I  wrote a post here , about sewing it together on Christmas Eve.

Before the weather got nasty, he had a chance to set the tarp up with the hammock to see how it works out.
The gray tent-like covering is the part I made. Underneath is his yellow hammock. It looks pretty cozy!

Would you sleep here?

He actually didn't sleep there at the time, either. Just trying out the set-up...right beside the Salt River.

It wasn't too far from the abandoned camp houses that I wrote about last week...but below these rock cliffs.

One of the camp owners made a set of steps from concrete blocks in an opening.

I like this photo of a huge boulder nearby. Wonder just how many thousands of years it's been sitting there?

All these pictures were taken by the Sasquatch.  If you want to see any more of this area and the abandoned camps, you can go to his online photo album and scroll through.

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    1. Thanks for that link! I took a look at the site and read the article about the under quilt.
      I will forward that to the Sasquatch....looks like a lot of stuff he might be interested in there.