Tuesday, March 17, 2015

like a summer day

What a welcome change from the weather we had earlier this month! A lovely sunny day with temperatures in the 70's.

I wanted to get outside and do something but the ground is saturated...I didn't want to be slogging around in mud.

I decided to try pruning off a tree limb that is touching our roof.

I could reach it easily with my pole pruner (there is a saw on the end) from up on the deck, but I couldn't apply enough downward pressure to get the saw teeth to really bite into the wood.  

So I gave up on that.    Oh well, there are a few more that need trimmed off anyway...ones that we can't reach...we will have someone come out to do it.

I did see my first spring bloom! A crocus.

 I n the evening I was sitting on the back porch and I saw a coyote. He was passing through and I didn't have my camera, but later I saw him again from inside the house,

Can you see him? I've drawn a red arrow pointing to him.  I hope he's not here to eat the bunnies!

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