Thursday, March 26, 2015

planting trees

For about three years I've had 4 small evergreen trees in planters on the back porch...near the door to dress things up a bit.
Even though I have added fertilizer each spring and tried to keep them watered, I could see the little trees were beginning to resent being confined to a flower pot.  So, I had to decide where to plant them in the ground.

I thought I had the perfect solution, I was going to plant them in the front yard, between our house and the windows of this house that recently was built in the new neighborhood across the street.

this is the 4 little trees in their planters

I set the trees out there in their pots and looked at them from all angles. I really didn't like them there because, as they got bigger, they would be sort of blocking off the left side of our property.

My second idea was to put them along the right side of the front yard...because there are also houses over there that also didn't use to be there.

hard to see from here -- but I drew red circles around the potted trees

That seemed like the right spot. It's easy to dig holes this time of year. The ground was soft but not muddy.
Here they are from a different angle.

This is the view we see when looking that way from our front window. You can see that in twenty years or so when these little trees are mature they will give us back a little privacy  from that direction.

But in the meantime they will be something pleasant to look at over that way.

Speaking of daffodils are blooming!  These are dwarfs or larger ones are not blooming  yet.

I've been looking at plant catalogs...thinking of adding a few new things around the yard this year.
Possibly more flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies, for nectar and as a host plant for their larvae.
It's hard to narrow down the choices - they all look so pretty in the catalogs!

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