Monday, March 16, 2015

quilter's day out

This past Saturday was Quilter's Day Out.  It is an event that takes place every year in March.  All the quilt guilds in the area (I think about 18 of them) set up booths at a conference center.

In each guild's booth,  quilts and other items made by the members are on display. They may also do some sort of demonstration of needlework...or hand out a pattern or an instruction sheet for a quilty item.

Hundreds of ladies and three or four men visited the show to browse the booths and also a "vendor room" where local quilt shops bring a sampling of their goods to sell...fabric, patterns, books and quilting tools.

Here is a look at the "Mt. Washington Quilting Bees booth (my guild). This was the day before the show...hanging the quilts and getting everything set up.

 And this is the day of the show.  At this end of the booth we had a game where visitors could spin a wheel to win back issues of quilting magazines our members donated. Look at those lovely quilts behind the tables!

Here is Jackie, Bobbie, and Shirley.

Jackie was demonstrating making "yo yos" so fast, her hands are just a blur!

Here is the other end of our booth...Phyllis, Carol...who was demonstrating hand quilting with a hoop, Diane and Jackie.  More pretty quilts behind them!

Then down a little further we had set up the game I devised for last years event,"Quilt Hole".

Made from a bag toss game board...covered by a small quilt top.  Visitors could choose a fat quarter (a quarter yard of fabric folded into a small square and tied) and try to toss it through the hole.  
If it went through...they got to keep the fat quarter...if not, it's all over...only one toss per guest.

That's Michelle in the photo above(in the black tee shirt), who helped me all day with the game.

The ladies who won a fat quarter were so tickled when they's like they had won a huge prize. Some squealed or did a happy dance. Some were just shocked that they had actually got theirs through the hole.
It was really fun to see the winners.  

I should have taken a photo of the rest of the room with the other guilds and their booths. You can see a little in the background of this photo if you biggie size it.

And hanging across from the game area is this amazing quilt that Diane made. It is just the isn't layered and quilted yet...and the light from the window behind it makes it difficult to see all the detail...but it is adorable.  So many people stopped to look at it for the longest time. There is so much to see there!

I have made a few sections of that same pattern. It's one of the things I want to finish this year. Mine won't look this good but I can get a lot of good ideas on color and value placement from Diane's quilt.

This striking red and black quilt was made by Isolde. She is a member of the Bees, but was on duty registering people at the door that day.

We Bees did win the "Best Booth" award...which is a certificate, and bragging rights until the show next year!