Tuesday, March 10, 2015

tortilla pizzas

Pizza with thin crispy crust is my husband's very favorite kind.  I can't remember how we got started making pizzas on flour tortillas...it must have been his idea... but  I like them too. You can taste the toppings more so than with a thick crust.

Quick to put together!    He likes sausage, onions and peppers (yellow peppers on sale this week).

We use this little counter top pizza oven. This is the type of oven my husband sold to customers when he first started in the wholesale pizza business years ago.  It has coiled heat elements top and bottom, so it bakes the crust and melts the cheese at the same time.  

Did someone say melted cheese ?!!!     This one is about ready. It bakes right on the rack. There is a pull-out tray below for cleaning.

Lonnie likes it cut in squares...party cut.

I had just enough leftover cooked spinach to top this one, along with Canadian bacon, peppers and onions.

The house sure smells good when they are baking!   

These tortilla pizzas can be baked in a regular oven but you have to be very careful that the edge of the tortilla doesn't  flop down between the lines of the rack and dump a bunch of  toppings off in your oven.
It's a mess. Experience speaking here!

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