Monday, March 9, 2015

friend's special quilt

My last charity quilt is ready to be pin basted and quilted. I will show it when it's finished.

Meanwhile, I want to show you a quilt my friend Linda made.  It's a memory quilt to be given to a family friend, a teenage girl who lost her father. The quilt is put together using the father's clothes.

Linda with her quilt
Before Linda began work on the quilt, she brought the clothes in to the quilt group meeting to see if anyone had ideas on how to use them.
She didn't have a lot to work with...some jeans and flannel shirts...some tee shirts, printed ones and plain ones. 
I couldn't imagine how she would be able to come up with a quilt using that assortment...but she is so creative! She made the best and most interesting memory quilt.

She made some blocks by cutting the words and picture parts from the tee shirts.

Other blocks had strips of the flannel shirts combined with pictures of the young lady and her dad copied onto a special photo transfer fabric.

I really like these blocks that combine the jeans and flannel shirt fabrics, with the pockets and labels sewn on.   

This quilt will be such a special gift for the young lady...something she will cherish always.

Linda has told us that she hasn't been quilting very long, but that she has been sewing for many years.  She makes really cute toddler outfits...and other clothing...even shirts for her husband, matching up plaids and everything.  
That amazes me, but it doesn't make me want to try it myself!

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