Tuesday, March 24, 2015

finally quilted and bound

I finally finished up my last charity donation quilt...all it needed was the binding.

It's been quilted for awhile. I tried out something different with the machine quilting this time...Baptist Fans, a nice change from the usual meandering that I do.

I did this by just eyeballing it , not marking the design on the quilt - which sounds time consuming and not fun.
 Baptist Fans were a favorite of mine when I was hand quiling everything,  so it was fun to give it a try on the machine.

I don't mind the irregularities in the arched stitch lines. It gives it more of a homey, hand made look...much more than the usual meandering, which sort of reminds me of a mattress pad.
 I will improve on getting the lines smoother and more evenly spaced with more practice. 

Since it was a beautiful day, I brought out the second batch of  the Mt Washington Quilting Bees group charity quilts to get a photo.

Nice quilts!  Some are made entirely by one member and others are a joint effort...one member making the blocks, another sewing them all together, and yet another doing the quilting.

A few more charity quilts will be finished and turned in at our April meeting...plus, another quilting group, Coat of many Colors from Fisherville, gave us about 20 small quilts to be donated along with ours.  

Quilters have been busy over the long snowy winter!

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