Wednesday, March 4, 2015

out to lunch

My older son and I are beginning to think we're jinxed on picking restaurants.
 A few weeks ago we were looking for a place to eat a late breakfast. One place was closed Mondays (that day), a Bob Evans restaurant wasn't where it used to be, and so on. We had started out downtown and ended up eating over on the east side.

 It happened again when we were out for lunch yesterday. The first place we went, a Mexican restaurant that served brunch, was out of business.  The second place, a Cuban restaurant, was only open for lunch on certain days.

Chopper is pretty good at figuring out restaurants to try, and our third stop was "El Mundo".

 Neither of us had eaten there before, but they have been there for a lot of years so we figured the food must be good.
 When we walked in, it was a very small room with only a few tables, which were full except for one. There was a counter where you place your order. The man behind it told us there was a regular dining room upstairs if we preferred.

"Ummm, where are the stairs?"

Well, you go back outside and around the corner of the building and you will see them.
 That's the door you go in at the top center of this photo.

It was sort of small up there too, but not crowded. We were waited on by a burly young man wearing a toboggan.
Chopper asked him what some of the favorite and most popular dishes were and we took his suggestions.

That is my meal up close, grilled fish tacos. Across the table is what my son ordered, Carnitas (roasted pork with tortillas and sauces).

The food was really good! Good quality, fresh, hot and tasty!   I wish I could make grilled fish that good at home.

The only bad part was some horrible and repetitive music that was playing. It wasn't Mexican music...maybe more like jazz...but bad jazz.  I can pretty much tune out that sort of thing but Chopper really loves music and notices it everywhere he goes. 

From what I understand there is an outdoor eating area,as well, open in the evenings in warm weather. Maybe not as crowded as inside.
With our luck though, they would probably be piping that horrible music out there,too!

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