Friday, March 20, 2015

the Sasquatch cooks

My younger son, the Sasquatch, was telling me how he made egg and cheese biscuits by baking the eggs while the biscuits are baking.

It seemed like such a good idea that I asked him to take some photos to show how he does it.

He uses this cast iron pan.....

Instructions (per the Sasquatch)

Lazy Egg and Cheese Biscuits
- Preheat oven with the pan in it
- Mix biscuit dough and add to pan leaving two empty spots
- Cook for 4 minutes
- Put a small pat of butter in each of the two empty spots
- Add eggs
- Cook 6 more minutes
- Eat

He told me he just spoons the biscuit mix in, rather than rolling them out.

 He uses a counter top toaster oven. It has convection but I'm not sure if he uses it for these,

These look pretty good, don't they?  I need to show up at his house at breakfast time.

He even figured the cost per unit...he is very thrifty!

Eggs 12 for $1.99 - 17 cents each
Biscuit mix 70 cents - 14 cents each biscuit
Cheese $1.99 - about 10 cents worth per biscuit

That comes to 41 cents per egg and cheese biscuit

Sasquatch has a lot of different cast iron pans he has collected over the years. Take a look at these!

15" Lodge skillet 12" Lodge skillet 10" Lodge skillet 8" Lodge skillet 8" imported skillet 3" unmarked spoon rest/ashtray Mini hammer finished Virginia skillet Wagner bacon and eggs breakfast skillet Lodge 7 piece corn stick muffin pan Lodge Perch muffin pan Lodge 6 piece Turks Head muffin pan Lodge cornbread wedge pan Birmingham Stove and range company mini cornbread wedge pan Lodge drop biscuit pan Lodge 10" round griddle Imported double sided rectangle griddle Lodge oval serving/heating dish Lodge bread loaf pan Lodge fajita pan Rome waffle iron Rome pie iron Lodge 5 quart Dutch oven Lodge 6 quart Boy Scout camp dutch oven Lodge 1 pint country kettle with lid Lodge 8" trivet #16 Le Creuset sauce pan #18 Le Creuset sauce pan

His favorite brand is "Lodge" , but they don't make a small stovetop cooking pot...that's why he has a couple of the "Le Creuset" coated cast iron pieces.
I think he has one of about everything else they make, though!

Sasquatch has a lot of different cast iron pans


  1. Pretty impressive collection of cast iron. I believe he has me beat.

    1. He keeps an eye out for cast iron at peddler's malls and flea markets... and picked up several used pieces like that. A few have been gifts. One skillet was half buried in the back yard of his house when he moved there.