Saturday, April 30, 2016

Arbor Day or arbor day

You're supposed to do what on Arbor Day ?


But I thought.......

Then why do they call it Arbor Day if it's not for putting up a new arbor?

Just kidding of course! It was just a coincidence that I was putting my arbor together on Arbor day.

Actually, it was delivered last week, and I started putting it together.
It's plastic and it came in a long box...lots of pieces, nicely packed.

That first day I got this much together before it started getting dark. Lonnie had to help hold some parts for me while other parts were attached.

Then, because of rain and other stuff, I didn't get to finish it until yesterday. 

The instructions were pretty good, the screw holes were pre-drilled, it was fairly easy to assemble.

yep, nine inches

They included some end caps for the open ends and even a tube of glue to hold them on.

Nice finishing touches.

This isn't where it will go. It will be back along that fence you see in the back ground.

But it was getting late again and there are some anchors that have to be banged into the ground to hold the arbor in place.   But first I'll need to clear some grass from the area and also remove some fence boards.

I'll show it again when I have it in place.

It was a happy Arbor Day for me...and arbor day.
 I will still be planting some trees.  I have some on order, they should be here any day.

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