Friday, April 29, 2016

pool days are here

When I see this van pull up in the drive way, my heart gives a happy little leap!

They are here to open our pool!

It's a good pool company. Family owned - fast and reliable. 

After 20 minutes the cover is off, the water is circulating and they are vacuuming the bottom.

In less than an hour, they are pulling out of the driveway...

And the pool is ready for anyone who is ready to go swimming! 

It looks tempting but we don't get in there this early in the season (usually). 
We do like to have it opened up early just because it looks pretty. It brightens up the whole back yard with the sun reflecting off the water.

Brummett Pools is the same company that filled in our older huge, but troublesome, pool...

And installed our new smaller, easy-care fiberglass pool. That was spring 2013, I believe.

It was a nerve wracking experience to see the old pool destroyed and to have all that heavy equipment in the yard...but once it was over it was totally worth it.
With the old pool it seemed like every year it would develop a leak somewhere or need some type of repair or liner replacement.
This one has been trouble free. Hope it stays that way!

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