Tuesday, April 5, 2016

my husband spoils me

Close your eyes and imagine that your husband (or loved one) has bought you something new and exciting to drive!

What would it be?

Maybe one of these?

Yep!  It's a dream come true! A new riding mower!

Actually it's for both of us, but I really enjoy grass cutting so I'll probably be using it most often.
It's a good quality mower, and it should last us a long time.

It has a roll bar, a cup holder, adjustable seat...the works!    What more could a girl want?

The delivery guy did not have the owner's manual with him...and he said he would drop it by when he was out this way again.  
Yeah, right.
I called the mower shop and asked them to mail us one. Hope it gets here before time to cut grass again so I can be sure I'm operating it correctly.

It will be a shame to use it and get it all dirty though!


  1. Do yourself a favor and use only PREMIUM 100% gasoline with NO ETHANOL. Ethanol tends to attract moisture out of the air causing your fuel system to gunk up. I'm also a believer in Stabil fuel stabilizer, others swear by Sea Foam. I also use Lucas fuel treatment but you can smell it in the exhaust a bit.

    1. Thanks for bringing this up.
      At first I thought you meant to use only the premium gasoline at the pump. When I mentioned it to the Sasquatch, he pointed out that you were saying "ethanol free" gas.

      He searched online to see where we could get it around here...well, it looks like the closest is in Etown or Taylorsville.

      I keep Seafoam on hand for other equipment, so I will definitely remember to add that.
      I want this mower to last a long time.

      Thanks again for the advice...appreciate it!