Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I was over at the Sasquatch's house earlier this week.
His neighbor has a donkey that lives in a field with horses on the property next door.
The Sasquatch has made friends with Donkey and gives him an occasional treat..carrots or apples.

Also, banana skins. Strangely enough, donkeys like banana skins and they're good for them (verified this online).

Donkey is shaggy for now - he's shedding his thick winter coat.
He isn't hoggish with his treats. After about half an apple he was indicating "no thanks, I've had enough".

I don't think donkeys have a lot of facial expressions!

Here comes one of the horses. 

He will gladly chomp down the rest of that apple.

Hey, stop trying to be a bully to poor donkey!

We scratched Donkey's head and ears...then he swapped ends.
The Sasquatch said he wasn't threatening to kick's just that he would like his hind end scratched too!

Okay, I'll do it...but only by using a stick.

Last year, there was a fire along the Sasquatch's fence line. It had started near the road - no one knows how.  Fortunately, someone called the fire department and they got it put out before too much damage was done.  Several trees were scorched and charred along the bottom.

Now woodpeckers are picking off the burned bark off those trees to get at the bugs that are living under there.  Not sure if this poor old tree will recover...

His apple trees weren't burned but the woodpeckers have punched a lot of holes in those too.

See that clump of white hair on the barb wire fence. The Sasquatch said a deer must have jumped the fence and left behind some belly hair.

Cute little Donkey again...

Give us a smile - don't look so forlorn!

I think he was noticing my red camera...thinking it was an apple and he might be ready for another bite or two.


  1. Darla, when we raised and sold Donkeys back home they love those small cookies 'naner ones' you get a box (yellow box) and make naner pudding with....can't think of the name. Anyhow they love those in moderation tho....easy to fit in the pocket, they get so they can smell them out when you go near.....Loved My Donkeys!! HUGS Diane K

    1. Hi Diane, I remember now that you said you had donkeys on your farm.
      I didn't know they had a sweet tooth for cookies!

      They have those miniature donkeys - maybe you could fit one of those in your back yard ?