Tuesday, April 12, 2016

raining outside means sewing inside

Well, it wasn't all sewing. I did wash 2 windows and listed some stuff for sale on ebay...and pulled out a few things to take to Goodwill...and also rounded up a few books to donate to the library.

I have my flying geese units, all 168 of them, sewn and arranged in a way that I hope is getting the colors distributed evenly.

But none of it is sewn into blocks yet...except for this one....

I laid it on the brown fabric that I'll be using for sashing to get an idea of how it will look.
  I wish the brown was a little browner....this is sort of a reddish brown.  Also I don't care for the washed out look of that light colored flying goose on the right.

I'll just keep going forward with it though. Usually little issues like that don't seem to make a difference once a quilt is finished.

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