Thursday, April 28, 2016

tap tap, tappity tap

There is a male Cardinal that's been trying to fight his reflection in our front window.

It makes me think of that Edgar Allen Poe poem where the raven comes tapping.

 But this Cardinal starts as soon as it gets light outside. He does take snack breaks...or maybe there are certain times during the day when his reflection isn't visible.

It doesn't really bother me too much - except for the slobbering on the glass and somehow he fired a couple of poop shots about midway up the window and of course that left a poop trail running down the glass.

When my sons were here last Sunday, the tapping was annoying and distracting for them.
Chopper snuck up to the window and gave Mr. Cardinal the scare of his life!  But he was back the next day...a fearless defender of his territory.

Speaking of Chopper, he dug this Nandina out of his foundation plantings and brought it over for me.

It had been freshly planted by the previous owners when he bought his house, and in the 8 or 9 years since then, it has been trying to crowd out his other shrubs and just generally looked too big for the area.

I had always admired it though. The leaves change color in the fall and it gets pretty red berries on it.
So, when he said he was getting rid of it, I told him I'd take it.

It was more overgrown than I thought. The roots were like a scary octopus!

I separated some of the roots and stems out. I think I could put them in the ground and get about 8 separate plants from them.

I had just finished getting the main clump planted when the rain started falling Tuesday...and it's barely stopped since.
 Not sure when I'll get back to the other stems...or even really where to put them!

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