Tuesday, April 26, 2016

no sewing lately

I've slowed down on this quilt. I know I can't finish it by the time I was hoping to...so I'm just going to slow down and enjoy the process.

This is one of the finished blocks...laying on the brown fabric that I was going to use for sashing.

I kept thinking that the brown wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I rummaged around and pulled out some fabric that I was saving for another quilt to see how that would look. It's the one on the left...a darker brown. Then on the right is a black and brown check.

I thought the darker sashing looked the best...until I took away the others...then I thought it looked dull.

So I tried it with a medium dark blue. I like that, but what I first liked about the quilt that I am basing this one on, was the rich warm browns.

I'll keep thinking it over while I finish sewing blocks.

If anyone has an opinion...blue or brown...just chime in!


  1. How about the rich warm brown with blue corner stones?

    1. Hmmm...thank you Charlene. That sounds like it might be a good compromise!