Friday, April 8, 2016

what I've been sewing

One of my quilting groups, the Mt Washington Quilting Bees, has invited another group, Log Cabin Quilters, to our potluck dinner in June.

We want to make it a nice and fun day, so we are trying to think of party favors or small  gifts for them.
One idea was these holders for the purse sized tissue packets. They are cute and quick to sew up!
We were asked to make the tissue holders with sewing themed fabric if possible, and luckily I had this yellow fabric with straight pins printed on it.
This little project is finished way early!

For my current quilt project, I have all of the larger triangles cut, some sewn to each other, and a few of the smaller triangles cut (will need 168 of those!).

Things are moving along smoothly for this quilt. So far, I am happy with the colors I'm using.
I am trying to use this catalog photo as my guide.

Also trying not to use any floral or girly looking fabrics. It's a man-quilt!

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