Saturday, April 16, 2016

what's blooming

Driving home yesterday, I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road because there were Dogwood trees and Red Bud trees blooming people's yards and growing wild in the woods.

We have a Dogwood in our front yard. It was here when we moved here...and planted too close to the house, really.  It gets some shade from nearby maples, maybe too much because it's always trying to grow it's limbs to a space with more sun.

It's very pretty when it blooms and also again in the fall when it gets red berries on it.

We have Red Bud trees too, covered with plump buds. I wish the Dog Wood was closer to these. They are such a pretty combination when blooming.

Azaleas are in bloom!

And the yellow Iris, also known as Flags.

Oh, and here is another yellow flag...planted by the gas company! They left a note on the door telling us they will be digging up and replacing the gas line from the street to our house.

Here is a bed that had a makeover late last summer. I'm glad to see most of the things I relocated here are coming up and looking happy. 

Except maybe this Bleeding Heart. It lives but it doesn't thrive here. I need to read up and see what might be making it unhappy.

My next garden chore is going to be doing a makeover in my purple Iris bed. It's too crowded and there is some horrible invasive grass-like plant trying to take over.

We've got lots of nice weather coming up so no excuse for not getting it done!

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