Saturday, April 9, 2016

started burning

There was only one day this week that wasn't too windy to start burning some of the branches from our fallen pine tree.

It's a huge stack of branches. You can't even see them all here because some are in back.

It's too much to burn at once. I don't want a big I moved a few branches at a time to the burn pile, then added more as those burned down.

It was tricky to keep the fire small, but also keep it burning hot enough. It's was more like I was sending smoke signals!

I got about a third of it burned that day. I will start earlier next time and finish it off.

This time of year, it's well worth getting up to watch the sunrise. It comes up so fast...changing each minute.  
This photo was from Friday morning. Some pretty purples and reds...predicting rain!

April showers bring May flowers!

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