Tuesday, August 30, 2016

an easy fix

This is the very easiest and cheapest repair of anything  to do with a vehicle.  Well...maybe just the older ones...the ones made before fancy headlights...like my Jeep.

See that tail light?  I've got the turn signal on and it should be blinking, but it's not. This has happened before and the Sasquatch told me what to do.

Bulb Grease to the rescue!  I bought this little packet a few years ago when this happened before. 
Cost 99 cents and there is enough in there to use several times (if you can remember where you put it).

Just unscrew and remove the cover...

Take out the misbehaving bulb and smear a bit of bulb grease on the end that fits into the socket. It's not black grease, it's almost like vaseline.  
 It helps make a better contact for the current to flow through.

Ta-Da!    It's flashing now but I can't really show that with a photo.

Years ago, the first time my turn signal wasn't working, before it was fixed I tried using hand signals for turning like everyone did before turn signals were common on vehicles.

That didn't work. No one expects that these days. People kept getting angry at me because they thought I was showing them a not-so-nice hand gesture...if you know what I mean!
Then they would give me a nasty look and make a hand gesture of their own.   
I was glad to get that turn signal working!

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