Friday, August 5, 2016

working on charity quilt

I had to miss the Quilting Bees meeting earlier this week because we were having some work done at our house.  I wanted to be here at home so that no decisions would be made without me getting my two cents in!

You can't really go about your business when there are workers in the house, but I was able to do some fabric cutting at the kitchen counter.
The two young men working here were interested in my rulers and rotary cutter. They had never seen anyone using them and didn't know they existed.

Anyway, one thing I cut was borders for this quilt top...

There is a story here.    One of the members of Mt Washington Quilting Bees, Barbara, had sent these blocks to me earlier this year. She hasn't been able to come to meetings in a while because her hours changed at work.
She had collected all of these blocks from a "block swap" that she participated in and wanted us to use them for Quilting Bees charity quilts.

Well, Quilting Bees didn't do charity quilts this year - they made walker bags for a nursing home.  So I told Barbara that I could either send the blocks back to her - or - I could make them into a quilt and give it to her to donate to the charity of her choice.  

She liked the idea of a quilt that she could donate and I was glad she chose that too...because I didn't make any walker bags and haven't made anything for charity this year.

Since the blocks were made by a lot of different people they were all a bit different in size. All had to be trimmed down to the size of the smallest ones so they would fit together. Some had to be taken apart and resewn because the were put together differently than the others. 
So it went a little slower than I expected.

But now I am moving right along with it.  I had enough leftover batting strips to zig zag together for a batting big enough for the quilt.

I had told Barbara I'd have it finished it in a couple of months but it's been much longer than that.

She said she wasn't worried about it but I'd like to get it checked off the list!


  1. We missed you a the Bee's meeting Wednesday but I would be the same way with workers in the house Quilt will be really pretty to give to charity. That's the way I do my batting pieces is just zig zag them together. Hope to maybe see you at playday. Tedi came with me Wed. and made the Ky. drawing for a tote bag she has. Jackie taught the class and she really enjoyed learning from her. Sandy was wanting to know who might have some photo's that would be up to date for the quilting bees and I mentioned you. Have a grat day...HUGS Diane K

    1. Diane, I bet you and Tedi had a lot of fun working on that KY patch project! Sorry I missed seeing her there,she is such a lovely and confident young lady!
      I will be at Play Day...and catch up with how everyone is doing and see if can be of any help with those photos Sandy wants.
      Thanks, friend!