Monday, August 15, 2016

Chopper has a birthday

Chopper, my older son, has a birthday this week.  Usually we celebrate on Sunday with a meal of the birthday person's choice...but since Chopper was having one of those big milestone birthdays, Lonnie wanted to take us all out to dinner to celebrate the day.

First, Chopper had to open his gifts.  A couple of books including a music theory book (he plays a bass), also two pairs of shorts, and an unusual gift he mentioned he would like - some of the specialty ginger ale drinks...or ginger beers (non-alcoholic).

He had to drive us to the restaurant because the rest of us have smaller vehicles.

We are here!  To the top of the Ruth's Chris.

Lonnie and the birthday boy...

I didn't take my camera out inside so as not to cause embarrassment for my sons.  But it was a nice and delicious meal!

The server offered Chopper a piece of cheesecake birthday cake at the restaurant, but he declined, saying that I had a birthday cake waiting for him back at home.

It was a Mandarin Orange Cake and we had vanilla ice cream to go with it.

He blew out all the candles so his wish will come true.  Hope he remembered to make one!

Happy Birthday Chopper!

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