Tuesday, August 16, 2016

there were more birthdays

We had a double whammy with birthdays this weekend...we also went to a birthday party for two of Lonnie's great-grandchildren!

We were late getting there because of an earlier commitment that day. It looked like rain would start pouring down any minute during the drive out to the farm.

We arrived in time to see see the kids break the pinata.  I notice they didn't wear blindfolds to do it ...much safer that way!  
That's the two birthday kids, with their older brother to the right, and a middle sister in the background.

Lots of candy from the pinata. That's their mom on the right and a little cousin with her back to the camera.

There were still plenty of burgers and salad left...and birthday cake.

They had cleaned the barn up spick and span and had the gathering out there. It was out of the sun and nice and breezy.

Time to open gifts!   Brother and sister are lending a hand by bringing up the presents.

The birthday boy helps with the clean up duties.

They had the cutest chicken run...and they sent us home with a dozen fresh eggs.

Lovely skies on the way home that evening too. 

August is a big month for birthdays on both sides of the family...still a few more coming up!

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