Friday, August 12, 2016

tomato, corn and cheddar pie

This dish keeps showing up on the a couple of different blogs and variations of it all over Pinterest.

I finally gave in and gave the recipe a try.  You can read the ingredients and measurements by clicking here.

I peeled, de-seeded and diced my fresh tomatoes. The recipe calls for chives and mayonnaise and I had neither.  I used Miracle Whip as a stand in for the mayo and used frozen corn in place of the fresh corn that was called for.

The dough part of the recipe is more like a biscuit dough than a pie crust.  It's pretty easy to work with.  I divided it into three since I was using a mini pie pan.  
(The third crust got a smear of butter and sprinkled with sugar, then baked flat for a sweet treat)

I cut the filling ingredients in half for a smaller pie.   Basically, you layer tomatoes, corn, cheddar, basil, salt and pepper.

Repeat the layers...

A mix of lemon juice and mayonnaise gets drizzled over the top.

Then the top crust...

Cut slits in the top and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes.

Whoa! That dough rises!  

It's a good recipe. Probably the results would have been better if I had made a full size pie.
My husband liked it but he thought there was too much crust for the filling.

He did manage to eat the sweetened extra crust I baked though...with a bowl of pudding!  I think he was just holding out for that!

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