Thursday, August 11, 2016

good morning, deer

I glanced out the window one morning and noticed a pair of legs under the apple tree.
What???  Oh, just a deer picking apples.

 That's fine - we never eat them from this tree. They are small and tough and never seem to really be ripe.

I guess Mr Deer isn't as choosey about his apples as we are.

I have to admit they are beautiful animals, even though I get so aggravated when they chomp down my flowers and plants.

All that standing on your hind legs makes you thirsty!

"Maybe just one or two more apples before I go....."

He left without eating any flowers that day!

I know I showed some of my Naked Lilies a couple of days ago - but they are in full bloom now...

The deer never seem to bother these.  At least so far.

This patch of Lilies grows in a spot with Orange Ditch Lilies.   When the Ditch Lilies finish blooming and their leaves start turning brown, I mow them down.
Then they put up a few new leaves just as these Naked Lilies come up.  
That gives a little cover for their naked bottoms!


  1. Darla, where I use to live they are call "Resurrection Lilies". They come up in early spring with just the stem and leaves and then die down and then come up again with these beautiful flowers. Great....There also another name (some call them Stargazer Lilies...I usually pick one and they smell up the entire house. Love them and yours are beautiful...HUGS Diane K

    1. Thank you, Diane! I have heard them called Resurrection Lilies,too.
      I intended to cut a couple of the ones that had fallen over-to bring them inside for a vase - but I forgot. Need to do that!