Friday, August 19, 2016

cow creamer collection

I was over for a visit at my parent's house earlier this week.  My mother had something new to show me...a red cow cream pitcher.   She has a cow creamer collection, and a couple of other cow themed items people have given her (like a butter dish,etc).

This shiny new red one is from W-mart. I think it's part of  "The Pioneer Woman" line of dishware.

She said they had a blue one too - and she almost got both, and who knows...she might  have already went back for it by now!

Anyway, she dresses up all of her cow creamers with a bow and a we got out the pincushion and found a big eyed needle to string some yarn through a little bell.

Now Ms. Red Cow is ready to join the line up.  Mooo, MOOO, Moooah, Mmmoooo!

Well, maybe on the other side would look better. Yes, definitely.

My mother has to be careful about starting collections. Years ago she had a few Coca Cola collectibles. Everyone started giving her Coca Cola items for every gift giving occasion and sometimes in between.  It got to be too much and she had to pack it away for awhile.

Now I see her cow creamer shelf is getting pretty full too...especially if she goes back to W-Mart and buys that blue one!

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